Custom Tournament

    This is one of the features that the development team hopes will bring Heroes & Empires players a lot of excitement.


    • Introduce

      • Displayed as an event so that when users register a sufficient number of rooms (8, 16, 32, 64), they can fight.

      • It applies to Real-Time Tournaments (beta).

    • Rules

      • Time limitation: If the player fails to enter the room on time or fails to enter the contest, the system will lose and be eliminated.

      • Players will be chosen at random to form the squad. Each pick will take 15 seconds; if the player does not select a hero, the system will randomly select a hero from the inventory and pass the turn to the opponent.

      • Players cannot select the same hero; if both players select the same hero, the first picker takes priority, and the other player's hero is locked.

      • There are 3 options available to each user:

        • Turn 1: 1 hero

        • Turn 2: 2 heroes

        • Turn 3: 2 heroes

      • Once the pick is complete, the player will have 15 seconds to arrange the squad before the match begins.

      • If a player disconnects while fighting, the match will continue until the end (out players who do not reconnect while waiting for the next match will be forfeited).

      • Players will compete in an elimination format; if a player loses, he will immediately be disqualified from the tournament. As a result, the winner is the one who continues to win until the end.

    • Rewards


      • Players can play this mode on Chapter 9.

        • 8 Players: Gold 8h, Gold 2h 

        • 16 Players: Gold 24h, Gold 8h, Gold 2h

        • 32 Players: Gold 24h, Gold 8h, Gold 2h

        • 64 Players: Gold 24h, Gold 8h

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