Battle Pass

    Battle Pass is a new gaming feature that requires players to complete certain milestones in order to obtain rewards. It has a free game mode as well as a challenge package buy. If you pay to play, you'll get a lot of cool items.


    Battle Pass is divided into several categories based on each feature. There are 25 levels in this game, which take place across 45 days and have varied unlocking conditions.

    A. Crusade Pass 


    - When the player achieves level 5-4 and the Dungeon is refreshed, the Crusade Pass will be unlocked.
    - The Crusade Pass is valid for 45 days and then reopens for a new season. In the store, there are 2 types of free and purchased gifts.
    - As you gain enough experience from the boss at the bottom of the Dungeon's floors, your Crusade Pass level will rise.
    - When the package expires, the rewards that you did not obtain when you leveled up the Crusade Pass will be mailed to your mailbox.
    - Crusade Pass can be easily leveled up using HE.


    B. Heroic Pass


    - When a player reaches level 5-4, the Heroic Pass pack will be available for purchase.
    - A Heroic Pass pack lasts 45 days and when it expires, it will reopen a new season. The store sells two types of gifts: free and paid.
    - As you complete daily and weekly quests, your Heroic Pass level will rise.
    - Any rewards you didn't get when you leveled up Heroic Pass will be delivered to your mailbox when the package expires.
    - Players can use HE to level up Heroic Pass quickly.


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