Matrix Of Deity

    With Matrix Of Deity mode, Players can collect Artifacts and Currency.

    - Matrix of Deity is unlocked when the player completes Stage 7-4. To unlock the next MoD, the player must reach the required Campaign Stage and complete at least 60% of the previous Stage.

    - Subsequent matrices will be unlocked into predefined Chapters. Gates will unlock respectively when completing different Stages. For example Gate 1 will be unlocked after completing Stage 7-4, Gate 2 will be unlocked when completing Stage 8-4, similar to the following Gates).

    - Players can start and finish the MoD at any time.
    - Enemy stats in MoD are not affected by the player's Power, which is fixed.
    - Players can only use 1 Mercenary in the MoD but can use it multiple times.
    - If the player loses a matrix, they will be stuck in that matrix, can find ways to collect artifacts and runes to strengthen before going back to fight the boss. Progress will not be lost in time.

    Matrix design

    There are 16 Gates in the MoD. Every Gate has many floors, and each floor has a 6x6 square map. The square contains the enemies, items, elements, etc…
    A Matrix has many floors, there will be many stairs appearing on the map for the player to go to the next floor.

    Elements that players will encounter when interacting with tiles on the matrix map:
    When starting the Matrix, only the tiles around the Gate are interactive, when these tiles are opened, they will unlock other tiles according to the spreading trend.

    • Elements: The Element has interactions such as an attack, counter-damage, support, etc... with players in that matrix. When interacting with tiles containing Elements, depending on the case, this supplementary weapon may have an effect on the enemy or the player.
    • Items: used to hit enemies on that map. After interacting with it, it will be present on the map until you use it such as Freezing Bell, Small Bomb, etc...
    • Enemies: enemies on the map can be attacked using items on the map or by direct battle. When the live battle will switch to the same context as other battles. Note, when interacting with tiles containing enemies, the tiles around the enemies will be blocked until this enemy is defeated.


    What is Artifact? The artifact can be understood simply as Gear, used by heroes to increase strength. Each Artifact will have equipment attributes (increasing the Hero's stats) and Artifact power (special powers in each case).

    • Crystal Chests Rewards: Only in the Crystal Chest can Artifacts be found. Opening Crystal's chest and collecting Artifacts is the deciding factor to defeat the final boss of the matrix. Crystal chests will be obtained when completing a large Matrix, usually appearing on the last Floor of that Matrix.
    • Gold Chests Rewards: contains commonly found items Gold, Gear, etc…Gold chest appears after every 2 Floors of Matrix.
    • Wood Chest Rewards: Wood chests will be placed on the tiles of each Floor. The wood chest contains gold and common gears.
    • Runes (like Runes in Dungeon of Trail), when defeating an enemy, there will be 3 Runes options for the player to choose from, the rune attribute is only applied in that matrix.



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