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    /ASCEND/ - Upgrade to Hero 

    - Ascend allows you to raise your hero's level cap while also increasing their limit strength, HP, attack damage, and defense.

    - The first hero you choose is the main hero, while the subsequent heroes are "foods" for upgrading.

    - You must first redeem the game's hero in order to Ascend.



    * Minted Heroes (with ID)

    - Join the battle in the Modes

    - Can be sold on the Marketplace

    - Ascend Hero, Retire Hero features cannot be used.

    * Heroes not yet Mint (no ID yet)

    - Join the battle in the Modes

    - If you want to sell on Marketplace, you have to mint Heroes

    - Can use Ascend Hero, and Retire Hero features.



    - Can buy a variety of items at a reasonable price, such as Epic Enhance Token, Shard, Elixir, Gear, etc.

    - Can pay with HE/Gold.

    - Offer various discount programs every day.



    - When you join a Clan, you can take attendance to receive clan coins every day. Clan coins can be used to buy valuable items from the Clan Store.

    - Actively contribute to the clan, clan members can unlock Boss faster and fight Boss to gain valuable items. 

    - The more active and powerful the member, the higher the clan level.



    - To use the Ascend feature, you must first burn heroes from the Marketplace into the game (similar to how you would Redeem Chest to open HEA Genesis). 

    - If you only want to use that Hero in-game and not for Ascending, sync to save your minting fee.



    - A one-of-a-kind item for each hero (requires a hero at Immortal tier).

    - To activate Signature, you must collect enough Amber stones to upgrade and increase power stats as well as unlock the special abilities of heroes.


    /STAKE/ - Receive a bonus HE 

    - Is the "action" of receiving and saving cryptocurrency (HE token - the main currency used in the H&E game).

    - Every month, an amount of HE tokens will be taken from the Treasure as a reward; the more HE staked, the lower the APR.


    /ARTIFACT ITEMS/ - Zeus's Weapon

    - Artifact can be understood simply as Gear, used by heroes to increase strength. Each Artifact will have equipment attributes (increasing the Hero's stats) and Artifact power (special powers in each case).

    - Artifact can be obtained from the Matrix of Deity.


    /SUMMON/ - Hero Summon 

    - Summon 1 random hero from 1 of 8 races, each of which has a predefined quality (Common/Rare/Epic).

    - Summon can be completed in 2 ways: by collecting 60 Rare/Epic shards or by using Common/Special scrolls + 50 HE.


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