Summoning Heroes

    Just like in the military, players can increase the number of their heroes by summoning heroes. Players need to pay 50 HE tokens + Scroll per summoning. Players can earn Scroll by participating in in-game activities. The result of each hero summoning will give a random hero from Rarities, Race to Classes.
    You can summon heroes by clicking "Store", please note that the Store only opens when the player completes Chapters 5-1.
    Click on "Summon Portal" and select the part you want to summon. You can summon 1 hero/summoning or 10 heroes/summoning.
    When summoning heroes, there will be a rate of a tier as follows:
    Rarity Drop Rate
    Common 59%
    Rare 40%
    Epic 1%

    In addition, there will be the ratio for each race as follows (Common Scroll):

    Race Drop Rate
    Beast 19.25%
    Human 19.25%
    Elf 19.25%
    Goblin 19.25%
    Undead 19.25%
    God 1.25%
    Naga 1.25%
    Demon 1.25%

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