NFT's inflation and long-term sustainability

    Heroes and gears are collected by players using in-game resources (HE tokens). These heroes and gears can be sold to other players on open P2P markets.
    The increase of heroes and gears in Heroes & Empires is inevitable. ‚ÄčAt any given time, there is always an ideal inflation rate, which allows for sustainable development, maximizing the potential of the game.
    If the inflation rate is too low, it will make the price of heroes and gears too high, which is a barrier for new players who want to play Heroes & Empires. If the inflation rate is too high, we call it unhealthy inflation.
    Managing NFT's inflation in the long term relies on:
    Applying the model of "upgrading rarity". Basically, this model helps to combine copies of the same hero, gear into 1, thereby adjusting NFT's inflation in the game.
    In the future, there will be strategic changes. To upgrade heroes and gears needed the necessary materials. These materials can only be created from the process of "cultivating heroes" (staking). This creates a decrease in the supply of heroes and gears in the market.
    The higher the demand for hero and gear collection, the stronger the demand for the HE token. So the Heroes & Empires team will work and create more reasons for users to hold heroes, gears. Make it easy for Heroes & Empires to grow, creating a sustainable economy.
    The economy of Heroes & Empires will initially depend on new players, the prices of heroes and in-game features that use the HE token. But in the long run, when Heroes & Empires grows to a certain threshold with an abundant player base, it will attract many sources of revenue from outside the game such as:
    Copyright fees, advertising fees and sponsorship.
    Fees collected from organizing tournaments.
    Grants from reputable companies or the government

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